Julias Diamonds - Unbelievable waste of time

Manchester, Connecticut 0 comments

This is the absolute worste online "purchase" that i have ever made.First off i order off of their website using my mastercard.

after waiting for 5 days the status of my order said still awaiting payment. so i called....the representative said that they never recieved a payment from me and said they were closed and they would get back to me in 2 days. of course they didnt get back to me so i had to email them again. finally they say oh yea we do see your payment, what is the ring size and then had to actually ask me what i ordered again.

so i told them. then they ask for the adress again, i emailed the address and its been over 2 weeks and my order status still says waiting for payment and it hasnt shipped. i emailed them telling them to cancel my order and refund my money if it hasnt shipped. its been two days and still no response.

they have been avoiding my emails for the past 4 days.i would never advise anyone to do business with them no matter how good of a "deal" you are getting.

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